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Western Shamrock Corporate Headquarters

Western Shamrock Corporation is the corporate successor to a single, small-loan office opened by the Company's founder, Milton Pierce, in 1965 in Lubbock, Texas. From this single location in the Texas panhandle, the Company has grown to over three-hundred offices in ten states. Headquartered in San Angelo, Texas, we conduct operations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina. Recently the company has expanded operations south of the US border into Mexico.

Western Shamrock provides consumer installment loans, financing of consumer merchandise and tax preparation to customers and potential customers who have the need for credit products and services to meet their everyday needs. As a company, our customers and potential customers represent our most important resource and we treat every customer with honesty, professionalism and customer service second to none.

Western Shamrock has a fully integrated corporate structure containing Executive Offices, Human Resources, Accounting and Auditing, Operations, Collections and Training departments. We are proud of our dedicated and loyal employees and their undying commitment to customer service and the continued success of our company. To that end, we pride ourselves on recruiting, selecting, training and retaining the best employees in the industry. Our employees are in the best place to develop and fulfill their fullest potential and they remain our competitive edge. Western Shamrock Corporation is a recognized leader in the finance industry and we value our employees and customers that make up our foundation.

Western Shamrock is a member of both American Financial Services Association (AFSA) and National Installment Lenders Association (NILA) and serves on the executive boards of both of these national associations. In addition, Western Shamrock is a member of the state associations in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia and serves on these boards respectively. We have taken an active role in not only promoting the consumer installment loan business, but also establishing and maintaining relationships in both the regulatory and political processes.

We, as a company, have great passion and belief in our company and industry and continue to strive on a daily basis to operate our business with our Core Values at the forefront of all that we do. Our customers look forward to seeing our SMILE when they visit our stores and consider us their lender of choice. We pride ourselves on our level of SERVICE, MOTIVATION, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY and EMPOWERMENT.